Burot Beach / The Perfect Sunset of Calatagan

It was the love month when we’ve decided to go on a quick getaway at Burot Beach located in Calatagan, Batangas.

Let me share to you our overnight camping experience at this peaceful and serene place.

On a tight budget we chose this place due to its proximity from the capital Manila and heard that this is one of the nearest unspoiled beach. The beach is currently owned and managed by the mall giant SM which of course Henry Sy owns.

Getting There:

Getting there is quite easy. Just take the Celyrosa bus bound for Calatagan at Coastal Mall Bus Terminal which is located in Paranaque City or you can take a passenger van bound for Calatagan near EDSA cor Taft Avenue (Beside Kabayan Hotel). Travel time is 3 to 4 hours.

The bus journey ends at the Celyrosa Bus Terminal in Calatagan. Take note that only Celyrosa are the only buses that has the route going to Calatagan and vice versa.

Near the Calatagan Bus Terminal there are tricycles waiting for passengers that are bound for Burot Beach. Travel time is about 30 minutes which includes a short stop over a couple of meters from the beach where we were greeted by a uniformed security guard and gave us a trashbag for litter and a piece of paper that has the do’s and dont’s while staying on the beach. Take note that there is a small fee in exchange of those.

Upon reaching the beach another uniformed guard greeted us and let us sign a waiver. He also took our payment for the entrance fee and went ahead after to look for a nice front beach spot.

Luckily we found a lone tree that is not yet occupied by other campers.


After pitching our tent, we ate our packed lunch and bummed for several minutes before exploring the beautiful stretch of this scenic beach. We took several awesome photos that are worth sharing below.


After taking several photos, we went into the water and just swam for a couple of minutes because there are rocks and sea urchins scattered.


What captivated us is the view of the sunset in Burot. It was breathtaking and I could say it is perfect like looking at a giant painting. The color combination of the sky is just awesome as shown in the first photo.

We ended the day watching the beautiful sunset.

Travelling the cheapest way is possible. Our Burot Beach escapade is the cheapest travel so far, the most convenient and accessible from Manila. Believe it or not we just spend 1500 pesos and that’s already for the two of us!

Sad to hear that Burot Beach is currently closed and heard that the owner is about to turn it into a private resort. Luckily we had a chance to visit the beach in its virgin state.

Happy travelling co-viajeros!

©2016 Trece Viajero. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Yowi & Kaye Zablan



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