Lukang Cove / The Cold Waters of Pagbilao

Lukang Cove was named after its owner, a Chinese businessman from Lucena. The cove is located in Pagbilao Quezon Province. It is also known as the Isla Puting Buhangin with the famous Kwebang Lampas.

Me and my friends agreed to start the year by beach bumming. My friend suggested to go to Puting Buhangin which is one of the famous Island in Pagbilao. Without hesitation we finalized everything and packed our things.

Getting There:

We took the first bus trip bound for Lucena at 2:00 am in Buendia bus terminal. Travel time took 3 hours. From Lucena we rented a jeepney for a private trip going to Pagbilao. From Lucena it took us an hour to reach Pagbilao.

It was a bumpy ride at the latter part of the journey. The jeepney stopped at a small port where you need to ride a small passenger boat to cross a river for 5 minutes. After crossing the river we hiked for about 15 minutes to reach the beach. This is the backdoor route that we took to reach Lukang Cove.

Trail going to the beach.

Upon reaching our destination, we payed for tent pitching and entrance fees. They also have sari-sari store where you can buy snacks and drinks, but I suggest buy everything from the market because everything is overpriced in the beach, there’s even restroom fee every time you need to use it. A bucket of water costs 50 pesos.

After settling our payments, we immediately looked for a nice spot to pitch our tents.


After pitching our tent, we prepared our meal for lunch and dinner. At last after eating, we finally hit the waters!

We didn’t mind the scorching heat of the sun because of the cold waters.
Sun kissed!
Enjoying the cold crystal clear waters.

At the end of the day we spent the night chatting and drinking until we all fell asleep.

Have a nice trip co-viajeros!


©2016 Trece Viajero. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit:

Erwin Rentutar

Yowi & Kaye Zablan



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