Talisayin Cove / The Silent Beauty of Zambales

Talisayen Cove is located in San Antonio, Zambales. Situated in the middle of other famous Zambales Coves namely Anawangin, Nagsasa and Silanguin. Of all four, Talisayen is the one that is usually unnoticed.

Out of curiosity, we’ve chosen to explore this silent and barely famous cove. Our curiosity was paid off well upon stepping our feet on the shores of Talisayen. It was all worth it.

Here are some of the photos we took.


Getting There:

  • From Cubao Bus Terminal, ride a Victory Liner Bus bound for Olongapo City
  • From Olongapo City Terminal, ride another bus bound for Sta Cruz or Iba (Ask the conductor to drop you off at San Antonio Public Market)
  • Register and pay the Environmental Fee at a small booth just near San Antonio Market
  • From the market, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at pundaquit beach. (Normally the tricycle driver will ask who is your contact person for boat rental and they will know where to drop you off.) You will also be given instructions by your boat contact on where or what to say to the tricycle driver.
  • From Pundaquit Beach you will be greeted by your boat contact person and boatmen will help you carry your backpacks and lead you to the boat going to Talisayen Cove. (Don’t forget to wear your life vest)
  • Upon arriving at Talisayen Cove, just remind the boatman the time you wanted for them to fetch you the next day.
  • Take note that there is also a Victory Liner Bus going directly to Iba or Sta Cruz but I think the last trip is about 9PM and 5AM first trip. Better check their trip schedules first or reserve tickets ahead of time. (In our case we arrived at Victory Liner Bus Terminal at 11PM and waited until 2:30AM to ride the Olongapo bound bus.)

Click here to watch our video of Talisayen Cove.

Thanks for viewing co-viajeros!

For inquiries about the resort and boat rental, you can contact:

Jem Tayag (Resort Owner)

0939-5786453 / 0917-7305364


Photo & Video credit: Yowi & Kaye Zablan
©2016 Trece Viajero. All Rights Reserved.


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