Bucana Beach / The Sleepy Side of Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is known for its wild nightlife partying at the beach. The place is oftenly removed from the bucketlist of those people who seek peace and serenity in a beach. That didn’t stop us from discovering the once part of the list of “The Most Beautiful Bays of the World”.

We did some research and found out that there are still uncrowded parts of Galera unlike the famous White Beach and Sabang Beach, they are all commercialized wherein bars and establishments are all over the place. I am not saying that it’s not good but if you seek serenity in a beach, definitely not a place for you.

Let me share to you where we went wherein we literally owned the beach for a day with no other single beach goer in the whole stretch of the white sand beach but us.

From Manila we took a bus going to Batangas Port, bus fare is around 200 Pesos, travel time is about 3 hours. From Batangas Port we bought ferry tickets around 250 Pesos one way going to Muelle Port and also the Terminal Fee which is 50 Pesos. We chose Minolo shipping lines since it’s known as the fastest and has zero accidents since it started its operations way back in the 90’s. Travel time to Muelle port is about an hour.

Upon arriving at Muelle port, we payed the Environmental Fee which is 50 Pesos.


From Muelle Port, our boat from Bamboo Beach Resort where we booked our accomodation came to fetch us and brought us to the resort.


The long travel is all worth it! The ambiance of the place is so relaxing. It is not a typical accomodation that most traveller is looking for. The establishment is made of bamboo and the roof is made with dried nipa leaves. The resort owners are very accomodating, they even offered to cook our food for us.


The place is surrounded by luscious green trees and the view from the veranda overlooks the ocean. Upon settling everything we decided to have a walk and explore the resort.


Hungry stomachs deserve a hearty meal! Finally our lunch is served!


During our conversation with Cherry, the resort owner, she offered us to visit the nearby island the next day. The said island is just across the Bamboo Beach which is a 5 minute boat ride from the resort.

The next day came, we woke up early and all excited to see the beach across the island that the owner is telling about!


After eating our breakfast,  our boatman brought us to a beach in an island accross the resort.


To our surprise no one is in the island that day except us. We were amazed by the scenic view of the clear blue skies, clear waters and white sands.

Our 3 year old son watching the waves. Our junior backpacker.

We swam the waters of Bucana Beach for 3 hours and did’nt felt the scorching heat of the sun because the water is so refreshing and cold.

The beach is still relatively untouched. No establishments and no vendors roaming around.


We took a lot of pictures while we are enjoying the view. This is one of the best place that we highly recommend for those beach lovers like us.


At the very same day, we went home with a very light heart. Another fulfilling weekend for us!


‘Till our next trip co-viajeros!

For info and rates about Bamboo Beach Resort please visit their website: http://www.bamboobeachresort.com/


©2016 Trece Viajero. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Yowi & Kaye Zablan


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