Dinadiawan Beach / The Waves of Dipaculao

Before the summer of 2016 ended, we visited Aurora Province which is famous for its beautiful beaches.

Baler usually comes first when you think of a nice beach in Aurora. That made us decide to look for a silent and uncrowded beach in Aurora thinking almost everybody that visits the province will eventually stay in Baler.

Prior to our trip we’ve contacted several beach resorts in Dinadiawan Aurora and we have successfully booked an overnight stay at La Sunshine Beach Resort. We also booked a van prior to the trip.

We left Manila Friday night and reached Baler Aurora at 7AM the next day. We stopped over for a quick breakfast in Baler. After breakfast we did a quick stroll at Sabang Beach which is in Baler and took photos of the bay.

Sabang Beach in Baler
Our kid walking at the sands of Sabang Beach.
With beach bumming friends in Baler.

After eating breakfast and photo ops at Sabang Beach in Baler, we hit the road once more.

The road to Aurora Province

It took us almost 2 hours from Baler to reach our destination Dinadiawan Dipaculao, Aurora. Our check-in time at the resort is scheduled at 12 noon and arrived at Dinadiawan town proper at 11Am so we took time to buy our supplies in Dinadiawan Public Market.

After filling up our van with all the food and booze that we needed, we then proceeded to the resort. (La Sunshine).

Upon arriving at the resort, we settled our payment and placed our things in the cottage that we’ve rented. Before hitting the beach, we’ve decided to cook our food that will last until the next morning.

La Sunshine cottages.


The cottage house of La Sunshine Beach

After filling up our tummies, we just decided to stay in the cottage and do our swimming the next morning instead since the waves are too strong and it rained that afternoon.

Nothing to do, we opened our booze and drank until midnight.

The next morning we woke up early and hit the beach!

Waves are still strong in the morning and can really knock you down if not cautious. Honestly we didn’t enjoy swimming in the waters but rather enjoyed looking at the magnificent view and playing in the sands.


On our way home we passed by another famous beach in Dipaculao Aurora for its picturesque view, the Ampere Beach. Of course we grabbed all the opportunity and stopped our van and took photos.

Rocky shores of Ampere Beach
Ampere Beach looking North.

We will definitely come back to Aurora and will try to visit the northern part of the province which is also blessed with stunning beaches particularly in Casiguran.. Soon 🙂

Thanks for viewing co-viajeros!

©2016 Trece Viajero. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Yowi & Kaye Zablan



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