Playa La Caleta / A Hidden Paradise in Morong

Summer has officially ended, but that didn’t stop us from discovering another hidden beach paradise.

It was the first weekend of June and that means the start of the rainy season in The Philippines, so we’ve decided to search for the best unspoiled beaches near Manila to avoid the hassle of travelling long hours during the rainy season.

We’ve been to beaches in  Batangas, Zambales and Quezon which are provinces near Manila. We wanted to try beaches form another province and some of the near options left are Cavite and Bataan. We’ve chosen Bataan this time and found out about Playa La Caleta.

Upon seeing the pictures and good reviews from the internet about Playa La Caleta, we didn’t think twice of going to this place. We immediately searched for a contact and how to get there. We also did a little research about the place.

Playa La Caleta is a privately owned beach located in Morong, Bataan although the jump off point is in Bagac, Bataan. It is called Matikis Beach by the locals and was named Oyster by a previous tour operator. Playa La Caleta Waterfront Estates is the official name.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar seen from afar.
On our way to Playa La Caleta

If you have been in the coves of San Antoinio Zambales like Anawangin or Nagsasa Cove, Playa La Caleta is the miniaturized version of it. Gray sands, clear and warm waters. The beach is suitable for children since it has shallow waters even meters from the shore.

The tiny island seen from a distance is called Miguelito Island.
The West side of the cove.
Chairs and Umbrellas facing the beach.


The beach has its own store that sells ice and beverages. Better buy all you need in Bagac Public Market. They have restrooms and shower rooms that are nice and clean. There is also electricity and running water in the resort all day.

The General Store in Playa La Caleta.
Some of the Beverages you can buy in the general store.

They also have cabanas which can be rented for a day or overnight. we chose to set up a tent instead in the designated camp area. ( They also have tents that can be rented ).

A cabana that can be rented for an overnight stay.
Picnic tables are set up for day tours.

We don’t have anything much to share about our weekend experience in this Paradise because we didn’t do anything but soaked in the water for hours, bummed all day and enjoyed the magnificent view that is all around us. So let me just share the other pictures we took during that weekend.

Relaxing under the sun.
Our son enjoying the waters of Playa La Caleta.
Our cousins relaxing under the beach umbrella.
Hammock under a tree.
Our kid running around.

Getting there:

From Cubao, ride a Genesis or Bataan Transit bus going to Balanga Bataan, fare is 200 Pesos.

From Balanga, ride a bus or a jeepney going to Bagac, fare is 47 Pesos.

From Bagac public market, ride a tricycle going to the port where boats are docked that transports to Playa La Caleta, landmark is Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar or in our case, it’s in Fajardos beach resort where our boatman fetched us. Boat fare is 1,800 Pesos roundtrip good for 10 persons.

Take note that the resort will be the one who will assign a boatman for you and will be waiting for you at Fajardos Beach. Just keep in contact with them.

For updates, you can follow Playa La Caleta at:




©2016 Trece Viajero. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Yowi & Kaye Zablan


8 thoughts on “Playa La Caleta / A Hidden Paradise in Morong

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  1. Thank you for this post! We hope to see you again!

    some notes:
    -Oyster was a name coined by a former tour operator for his tours, Playa la Caleta waterfront estates and Miguelito island have always been the names, and has been under one owner ever since
    -there is 100% water and electrical supply now at Plc!
    -aside from the new cottages, bathrooms/showers and store, we will be launching our Watersports program including the 50ft slip n slide already at Plc 🙂
    -another alternative for boat landing is lasalle beach which is nearer than fajardo, in between km 56&57. 10min boat ride to Plc from there. Next month rough road construction will begin too.
    -pls follow us at our links for updates:




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  2. Thanks for the updates! Will be updating our post soon. We really enjoyed our stay there 100% 🙂
    Will definitely be back.
    Thanks again!


  3. I’d been here last year. It was amazing because it was uncrowded during the peak of the summer. The place isn’t bad as well I wonder why it hasn’t attracted more locals yet. There’s also a cliff diving site nearby if I’m not mistaken. 🙂

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