Batlag Falls / Enchanting Experience in Tanay

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when we left home carrying our backpacks without any itinerary on where to go. Initally, we planned to hike a mountain a day before but since we woke up late, we have decided to call it off and do a different nature trip instead.

We went to the nearest convenience store and purchased energy bars, snacks and energy drinks. Still without any idea on where to go, we’ve just decided to check our bucketlist of places that we want to go, and finally we have chosen Batlag Falls.

Without any hesitation we headed to Parklea Terminal located in Shaw boulevard in front of Starmall and rode a jeepney going to Tanay located in the province of Rizal(fare is around 58 pesos) Take note that there are also passenger vans in front of Starmall Shaw that has routes going to Tanay.

Travel time to Tanay is just about an hour and a half without traffic. We passed by the towns of Antipolo, Teresa and Baras, all in Rizal Province.

Upon reaching Tanay, we hired a tricycle and headed to Daranak Falls. (Daranak Falls is the jump off point going to Batlag Falls.) Travel time is around 20 minutes. (Fare is 200 pesos one way for the two of us, I think it is the standard price since we payed the same amount going back.)

We reached the entrance to Daranak Falls and payed 50 pesos for the entrance fee. (This is the only way going to Batlag Falls so you need to pay the entrance fee to Daranak even if you just want to visit Batlag Falls anyway.)

Upon entering the resort, we passed by a bridge which is pictured below.


A welcome to Daranak Falls sign in the middle of the stream is also seen from the bridge. There are picnic huts as well where you can spend the day.


Take note that just right after crossing the bridge you need to turn left to reach the entrance to Batlag Falls. if you want to take a glimpse of Daranak Falls first, just go straight after crossing the bridge and go up a stairs.


Pictured above is Daranak Falls where people are enjoying the cool waters of the falls. We wanted to seek a much solemn and quiet place and hoped that Batlag Falls is less crowded.

We went on and proceeded to Batlag Falls after taking a picture of the Daranak Falls. We passed by another small wooden bridge before reaching the entrance to Batlag Falls.


We payed 100 pesos each to enter the trail going to Batlag Falls. We passed by paved trails, stairs, and another bridge. It was an easy trek that even kids can easily do it, you have to be cautious though when stepping a slippery stone.


Halfway our trek we passed by a trail that seems to be in the middle of the jungle, with tall trees that seems to guard you, the view was really awesome. All you hear are birds chirping, the flowing waters from the stream, and the sound of the falls from the distance.

As the sound of the waterfalls grew stronger, we knew we’re near. After about 30 minutes of hiking, (including stops for taking photos) we reached Batlag Falls. Seeing it was really enchanting. Surrounded by tall trees with sun rays passing from the trees above was magical!


Did I mention that we were alone upon reaching the falls of Batlag? It was an added bonus for us, and a great bonus indeed on a sunday.

Since there are no one around that time except us, we changed clothes just right where we are standing and took a dip at the cold waters of Batlag. (Take note that there are two pools in Batlag Falls, one is about 4 to 5 feet deep and the other one is deeper at around 14 feet. When facing the falls, the one to your right is the shallower one and non swimmer friendly, while the one to your left is for the thrill seekers and pro swimmers.)


We just spent an hour or two in Batlag and headed back home. It was our shortest getaway ever, short indeed but it was one of the best trip that will last in our thoughts forever.

Thank you for viewing co-viajeros!

©2016 Trece Viajero. All Rights Reserved

Photo Credits: Yowi and Kaye Zablan



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